Millicent Gappell Beverly Hills, California
Master Glass Artist - Performing Pianist

Meet Millicent Gappell

Millicent Gappell is a leading post-millennial glass artist, concert pianist, speaker, and author based in Beverly Hills, California. Millicent's professional life has followed two parallel paths. One course finds Ms. Gappell developing as an accomplished performing pianist while studying and teaching the philosophy of music and how it is experienced. Concurrently she became a pioneer in the field of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) which is the art and science of enhancing well being, creativity, and performance through the art and science of design as a featured faculty member at UCLA.

Millicent's parallel paths of design and music merged as she applied her distinctive skillset to create a unique art experience: Greek & Roman Myth Stories in Breakout Glass Art to be experienced with selected art-enhancing musical pieces performed in her signature style. With this groundbreaking mating of storytelling through music and art Millicent Gappell leapt to a leading position in the West Coast arts scene, transitioning from arts maven to simply artist.

Millicent speaks frequently to audiences ranging from university students to art patrons and travels extensively to the world's art and music capitals. She divides her home time between her Southern and Northern California residences.

To book Millicent for an interview or appearance:  or 360.521.0437

The Music
As a perfect wine complements the perfect meal, artist Millicent Gappell identifies and performs strong musical pieces to accompany each of her works. Our Story Episode: State of the Arts
Our Story Episode:
State of the Arts
June Charity Performance
June Charity Performance
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