Millicent Gappell Beverly Hills, California
Master Glass Artist - Performing Pianist

In the News , March 25th, 2012
“Living a Passion-Filled Life”
A Profile on Millicent Gappell
by Dachell McSween Link to original source
What is your passion? If someone asked you that question, how would you respond? There are many discussions about finding your passion through a career or hobby. During Women's History Month, we celebrate the lives of women making a difference and impact in society. Millicent Gappell, who is in her 70s, is definitely a remarkable woman. She is a renowned artist, pianist and author based in California. As a child growing up in New York, Gappell was surrounded by music. Her father was a noted jazz musician. Every week, Gappell sat in the pit with the musicians. She started her formal training learning to play the piano at the tender age of five years old. After graduating from UCLA, she majored in music but also studied art and design. She continued her training at New York's renowned Julliard School. As an interior designer, Gappell has been a lecturer speaking throughout the United States to architects, designers and engineers. She also served as a consultant to multinational corporations.
Although Gappell considers "music as her first language," she is also a gifted glass artist, speaker and author. Last September, she released a new book called "The Art of Myths and Music." Through this coffee-table book, Gappell takes the reader through timeless themes including love, tragedy, heroism and power in the characters of Athena, Venus, Diana and other Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. This book also includes Gappell's CD featuring piano selections to enhance the reading experience. Throughout the book, readers will see breathtaking images of glass art pieces from her Mythology collection featuring Greek and Roman myth stories.
"My mission in life is to make things beautiful," explains Gappell.
When Gappell wakes up in the morning, she can't wait to get started creating her innovative art pieces. She encourages people to find what they love to do and simply do it. Gappell says that doing what you love is also the biggest anti-ager. As a popular speaker, she speaks to audiences ranging from students to art lovers. According to Gappell, she is just simply enjoying life.
...blending performance, music, and visual art is immensely exciting
Jeffrey Deitch, LA Times Magazine
The Music
As a perfect wine complements the perfect meal, artist Millicent Gappell identifies and performs strong musical pieces to accompany each of her works. Our Story Episode: State of the Arts
Our Story Episode:
State of the Arts
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June Charity Performance
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