Millicent Gappell Beverly Hills, California
Master Glass Artist - Performing Pianist

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Our Story Productions, January 17th, 2012
“State of the Arts”
Episode 5
by Brian Peterson Link to original source
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Host Bryan Peterson introduces a fascinating special episode about the equally fascinating "Renaissance Woman"-Millicent Gappell. A long-time Our Story "friend and family member," Gappell has recently authored a new book that you'll be intrigued to learn about in this segment!
...blending performance, music, and visual art is immensely exciting
Jeffrey Deitch, LA Times Magazine
The Music
As a perfect wine complements the perfect meal, artist Millicent Gappell identifies and performs strong musical pieces to accompany each of her works. Our Story Episode: State of the Arts
Our Story Episode:
State of the Arts
June Charity Performance
June Charity Performance
New Book - Available Now
...Mythology is Hollywood's Next Big Trend
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