Millicent Gappell Beverly Hills, California
Master Glass Artist - Performing Pianist

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Today's Honoree , April 17th, 2012
“Today's Honoree is Millicent Gappell”
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At age 70, this renaissance woman decided to change her life, and is now a renowned glass artist and author. Millicent has already led a remarkable life.
She's been a concert pianist, a pioneer in the field of psychoneuroimmunology (the science of enhancing well being, creativity, and performance through color and design), and a featured faculty member at UCLA in Los Angeles.
With all those impressive accomplishments, there was still one thing Millicent wanted to do but had never tried… until now. "I wanted to combine my vocation with my avocation, which is a passion for art," says Millicent.
Millicent's parallel paths of design and music merged as she applied her distinctive skill set to create a unique art experience - creating mosaics of Greek & Roman mythological stories in breakout glass, meant to be experienced with selected art-enhancing musical pieces performed in her signature style.
Millicent is now a master glass artist of museum-quality works, with a stunning new tabletop art book, The Art Of Myths And Music (Sutton Hart Press, October 2011).
The Art Of Myths And Music is a compilation of glossy color photos of her unique artworks plus a CD of select pieces played by Millicent herself and intended to reflect her works. Picture of Nominee if you have one:
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...blending performance, music, and visual art is immensely exciting
Jeffrey Deitch, LA Times Magazine
The Music
As a perfect wine complements the perfect meal, artist Millicent Gappell identifies and performs strong musical pieces to accompany each of her works. Our Story Episode: State of the Arts
Our Story Episode:
State of the Arts
June Charity Performance
June Charity Performance
New Book - Available Now
...Mythology is Hollywood's Next Big Trend
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